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Welcome to #heartLEADER, Millennial & Graduate Leadership Development Sydney – a program that prepares future leaders for leadership of tomorrow.

We asked over 1000 millennials and post millennials what leader they wanted to be?

They told us they wanted:

  • alignment of people and values
  • a strong transparent work ethic
  • to plan work according to capabilities
  • to lead change and innovation
  • to manage performance
  • to create positive and open cultures
  • to give and receive on-demand feedback

So…  Welcome to the #heartLEADER program!



How do you develop loyalty in your team? How do you influence customers and how to do all this virtually?

CONNECTED RELATIONSHIPS looks at the importance of having meaningful conversations in order to have connected relationships at work.



How can we ensure we all have accountability for success? Being proactive rather than reactive, giving and receiving feedback; understanding the importance of having a line of sight to your organisations greater purpose and goals and how to have an accountability conversation with someone. That’s how.



How do we effectively manage ourselves and plan for future effectiveness? How do we effectively manage time and energy? Do you recognise your strengths in a team?

In TACTICAL PLANNING learn how to plan and manage processes effectively to deliver great customer experiences and how to use technology for productivity.



How do we help everyone develop and work in high performing teams? Through recognising the value of diverse thoughts and ideas; tools to create high performing teams; skills to collaborate better and how we create and ensure high performing teams even when team members are remote or dispersed workers. 



How can we ensure we all are more adaptable and agile? Through developing a growth mindset, we can learn to manage change and have empathy for how people react to change in the workplace.

Finally, what does it mean to be a #heartLEADER? It is to lead with passion, empathy and resilience.

Coaching Circles

The program contains 6 virtual collaborative coaching circles, guided by a coach that run for 2 hours.

Online Learning Units

22 online learning units to complete on the online learning platform additional to the coaching circles


22 missions to complete with each online unit to consolidate & implement learning on the job

Program Features

The #heartLEADER program is a 20 week journey that consists of:

1 welcome gift

20 weeks


5 capabilities

22 online learning units

22 missions


6 coaching circles

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