Where it all began…

walking the 
Camino de Santiago

Last year, I walked the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrim trail in Spain that is over 900 kilometres.  On that walk, the idea for this program;  #heartLEADER was seeded.

On day 1 in driving rain, I walked out of my Pension in Irun in France and set off with my new walking boots, new backpack and new rain gear.  That first day was over 30 kilometres to San Sebastian on the coast of Spain.  Half way up the first mountain it snowed.  Half way through Day 1, I really began to question WHY I was walking in Spain at all.

Day 1 was a very hard day;  BUT….  by the end of Day 1, I was having dinner with a group of 6 other pilgrims.  My Camino Family was formed.

My adventure finished in Santiago de Compostela, over 900 km away 40 days later. To walk 900 kilometres takes #heart. 

And to be a great leader takes #heart too.

Welcome to the Millennial Learning and Development Program Sydney… welcome to #heartLEADER.

Evelyn Moolenburgh
Managing Director – Learning Ventures

the RESEARCH Process

We asked over 1000 millennials and post millennials what leader they wanted to be… Well not over the phone but by focus group and then by survey to validate our initial findings.

They told us the Millennial preference for leadership is to…


Align people & values

Leaders need to align people and outcomes to the values and purpose of the organisation

Strong transparent work ethic

Leaders need to demonstrate a strong work ethic is our fast paced environment


To plan work according to capabilities

Workforce planning needs to consider team capability & workload plus customer experiences

To lead change & innovation

Lead change that alleviates fears of the future;  be agile and innovative

To manage performance

Leaders need to manage performance in the moment, locally and remotely


Create positive & open cultures

Leaders need to foster team connections and grow positive cultures

Give & receive on-demand feedback

Lead high performance through continuous and on-demand feedback

The validation numbers

  • Connected Relationships – 88%
  • lead change & innovation – 84%
  • accountability for success – 77%
  • Planning for people and customers – 64%
  • High performing teams – 54%



specific behaviours

written post-it notes

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